iMagen AB Xlear Scandinavia


Welcome to iMagen AB Xlear Scandinavia! We sell Xylaktas, an improved form of our old product Prolaktas. Now the new homepage and webshop are done!

Surf around to the diffrent pages and give us feedback if you are missing a function or have tips for improvement.

If you have any problems ordering call us at +46 (0) 8 559 23458 and we will help you along. Please note that old customer accounts cannot be used in this new webshop. If you want to have an account you will need to create a new one (this is not neccessary to order)

Steps to order Xylaktas.

  1. Click the “Buy Xylaktas here” menu
  2. Choose how many packages you want to order
  3. Click the add to cart button
  4. Click the Checkout menu
  5. Remember to read the updated terms and conditions (under contact us / terms and conditions)
  6. Fill in your email address, ID number (if ordering within Sweden and paying by Invoice) , postal code and phone number.
  7. If not paying by invoice, or sending the order to another adress than your registered Swedish address, choose the drop down menu next to “Private person” and change to other. Then enter all needed information and follow the instructions on screen.

With hopes of smoother order handling,

iMagen AB
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